Eat Like a Local in Los Angeles

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Eat like an LA local.

When I am grateful enough to spend time in Los Angeles (probs my favorite city, TBH), there are always new food places to discover – like any large, urban area (is LA even urban?).

Before or after a hike with your green juice, or when you’re feeling adventurous and up for 405 traffic, here are some of my favorite spots to eat and grab coffee in the city of angels. Sorry, but In-N-Out is not on this list. No shame.

  1. Verve Coffee. I mainly enjoy Verve for its hipster, outdoorsy and zen vibe. Located on 3rd Street, Melrose Ave, and DTLA, enjoy an iced coffee that may as well beat Starbucks. Or green juice, if you’re feeling LA. Something I didn’t love: Jamaican Cascara. It was some sort of fruit in coffee which normally I’d be totally into, but I couldn’t do it. If you’re feeling hungry, order Chia pudding (full of chia, obv), avocado toast (bc millennial culture), or radish toast if you’re feeling frisky.
  2. Joan’s on Third. AKA, Kim K’s favorite spot when she was pregnant. While a little pricey, they have some really good salads, cheeses (yes, it’s a marketplace, too), and wraps. I had the fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil sandwich in my quest to sustain my vegetarian lifestyle. Basically, if you want to eat like an LA celeb, just go to Joan’s.
  3. Bricks and Scones. LOVE this place. Located in Larchmont Village, this is where my Lyft driver took me only for the reason being becauseĀ my rating was so low. I stayed here all day as I worked on a freelance gig, ordering iced lattes, avocado salads, and the best garden wrap I’ve ever had. Literally just kept going back to order more and more. A perk: outdoor seating right in the LA sun to get tan while doing your LA gigs (does anyone even REALLY work in LA?).
  4. Health Nut. If you’re feeling adventurous enough to venture to The Valley, stop at Health Nut located in Woodland Hills/Calabasas. In fact, you probably already know Health Nut from the Kardashian’s eating their oversized salads at their kitchen table (in every episode, but I don’t watch it or anything…). The Chef salad is probably the best salad I’ve ever had. My friend, who ventured with me, loved her Chinese Chicken salad, and doesn’t even like salad normally (wut). So, go to Health Nut to enjoy your best salad, hear Valley Girls complain that there was a “hair” in their salad and force employees to remake it, and eat like a Kardashian.
  5. Malibu Farm. I got SPAGHETTI SQASH LASAGNA and it was the most amazing meal I’ve ever had (bible). Think lasagna in a farm-grown squash and you have Malibu. Not only is all food local grown, but you’re seated literally on Malibu pier, able to enjoy the best views on the Southern California coast. I have goosebumps just reimagining it.
  6. Susie Cakes. Want DESSERT? Think no further, Susie Cakes is LA’s most famous gourmet cupcake and cake spot to fulfill your California sweet tooth (I went back for the third time after meditating down the street). Apparently, if you grow up in the city, Susie Cakes is served to you for every birthday and special occasion event. So, basically, everyone in LA is sick of Susie Cakes unless you’re a tourist: making this the perfect spot for your visit.

Just thinking about LA’s food makes me desperately miss the city that I obsess over. As I sit in an Upper East Side Starbucks to write this (my local hipster cafe was too crowded), I very much look forward to returning for my gourmet cupcakes, Kardashian-esque salads, and hipster coffee. For now, I guess I’ll just enjoy NYC eats: who am I to complain?!


-mike, the california foodie